Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What exactly is Freight Bill Funding ("factoring")?
A. "Factoring" your freight bills accelerates the payments of those invoices.

Q. "Accelerate? How fast?
A. From "net 30" to "net tomorrow"

Q. Is it difficult to apply?
A. No. A one page, ten-minute process is all it will take you.

Q. Is it difficult to qualify?
A. No. We qualify our new clients in hours and often fund the very next day.

Q. Do I need an established credit history to qualify for your funding?
A. No. We're more concerned with your last load than your past load.

Q. Do you charge me a set-up fee?
A. No set-up fees, no monthly fees, no-termination fees.

Q. How fast can I get funded?
A. Very fast. With your freight bills in our hands today, we can fund you today.

Q. Does AeroFund offer Fuel Cards?
A. Absolutely. Call us for details.

Q. I drive a lot of miles. Can you handle me for the long haul?
A. AeroFund's offices are coast-to-coast.

Q. How do I get this "Freight Bill Funding" started?
A. Pull off to the side of the road, call 1-800-747-4234, and we'll take over.




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