About Us

A Business for All Seasons
San Jose, California, mecca for the entrepreneur, has spawned many successful ventures, but few have come as close to defining the word success as AeroFund Financial, Inc. (AFI), the little factoring company that has consistently grown in stature and prominence since its inception in 1987.

Stories abound about mammoth companies that had their humble beginnings in makeshift garage offices, and AeroFund Financial too can trace its roots to such a start-up…a one car garage with narrow walkway in Los Gatos, California, affectionately referred to by its founders, Stephen and Leanne Troy, as "the submarine". Armed with only a Macintosh, two telephones, a typewriter, and minimal financing from family and friends, AeroFund Financial was born.

If you were a small business located in the San Francisco Bay Area, had sold your product or services, were waiting to collect payment from your customer, and needed funds in the interim to pay your own bills, then AFI was there for you with cash in hand. It was not easy. Intuition, a brave heart and an astute business sense, joined forces…and it worked! Businesses which might have faltered for lack of funds to meet payroll, purchase materials, pay utilities or advertise were able to continue operations and AFI, having found a need and filled it, soon flourished.

From Home to Real Office
Subsequently, AeroFund Financial purchased, and is now headquartered in its 13,000 square foot building in San Jose, California. Rare documents and manuscripts, collected by the president, Steve Troy, line the halls and conference rooms of the freshly decorated facility, providing employees with a pleasant working environment. AFI now has nationwide coverage with offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Jose, San Diego, Chicago, Charlotte N.C., and Austin TX.

Financial Solutions
AFI has recently expanded its operations to include the following services: Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit, "prime plus" programs patterned after bank lending, lower interest rates with our A/R management services, and 24/7 "on line" reporting. When companies require help in managing their accounts, AFI offers its extensive technology and expertise, freeing company staff for other important duties. We provide credit analysis, monitor credit limits, collect, post and deposit payments, provide immediate on-line reporting and collection services. AeroFund Financial also works in alliance with several purchase order financing institutions.

The AeroFund Financial Team
The environment at AeroFund Financial is one of professionalism and camaraderie. Employees are highly motivated, efficient and united in their efforts to make AFI the most distinguished company in its field. President Steve Troy has created a workplace where management and staff work side by side to attain a common goal.


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